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Welcome To Hycrome (Europe) Limited
Hycrome was founded in 1947 from a long established family engineering business and commenced its principal development in 1951 when a Hard Chrome Plating facility was introduced to compliment the spring, wire forming and presswork manufacturing facilities.

The expertise built up over 50 years has made Hycrome a specialist in the application of hard chrome, sulphamate nickel plate and electroless nickel plate. However Hycrome has evolved to provide many other services other than electroplating.
To service the requirements of the plating department, our machine shop has been developed to provide precision grinding and metal finishing capabilities.

In 1990 Hycrome became a wholly owned subsidiary of Score Group plc and in 1997 Hycrome relocated to a modern 63,000SQ FT factory.

Continuous investments has allowed Hycrome to install additional facilities such as HVOF and Plasma Applied Coating, a large CNC Manufacturing Cell and Laser Fusion Welding. This diverse range of processes supplies businesses within the Aerospace, Offshore Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation supply chains.
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